Scaling Azure Cloud Services

The Microsoft Azure platform allows you to scale your Kentico projects in terms of computing power, memory and IO resources. There are several ways to scale your project. You can configure your Azure Cloud Service to:

  • use larger instances,
  • use more instances,
  • automatically scale the number of instances.

Scaling the size of instances

The default size of an instance of your project is small. See Cloud Services Pricing Details for a list of available instance sizes.

You can change the size of your instances only through Visual Studio. See Configuring sizes of the CMSApp web role for instructions. Note that full redeployment is needed when changing the size of instances.

Scaling the number of instances

You can configure your project to use a specific number of instances through Visual Studio – see Configuring the number of instances. This approach requires full redeployment of your project.

You can also scale your already deployed project through the management portal:

  1. Open the Azure management portal.

  2. Select your cloud service.

  3. Switch to the Roles and Instances tab.

  4. Click the cloud service role.

  5. Click the Scale table.

    • On this tab, you can either set the number of instances your cloud service uses, or configure automatic scaling. See more details in the How to configure auto scaling article.

License constrictions for the number of instances

If you want to increase the number of instances your Azure project is using, you need to have a license which allows at least the specified number. If you increase the number of instances beyond the number your license allows, the web farm server functionality will stop working completely.

Please contact your account manager to obtain a license for a higher number of web farm servers before increasing the number of instances in your Azure project.