Configuring contacts

Contacts represent website visitors and store marketing-related information about them. In the Kentico CMS edition, contacts cover only subscribed visitors (identified by email address). In the Kentico EMS edition, contacts cover both anonymous visitors (depending on the Default cookie level, identified by an HTTP cookie) and registered users or customers (identified by email address). The system automatically gathers data about contacts based on the actions and input of the associated visitors.

To be able to work with contacts in the Contact management application, you need to have the permissions for the On-line marketing and Contact management modules.

Enabling on-line marketing in Kentico EMS

To be able to track visitors on the live site as contacts in the Kentico EMS edition, you need to enable the on-line marketing functionality in the Settings application.

  1. Open the Settings application
  2. Navigate to On-line marketing.
  3. Select the Enable on-line marketing check box.
  4. Click Save.

To make sure contacts are properly tracked on MVC websites, you also need to follow the instructions in Tracking contacts on MVC sites.

Configuring contacts in Kentico EMS

In the Kentico EMS edition, you can make the following adjustments to enable marketers to work with contacts more efficiently.

To make the system automatically collect and update the data of each contact based on the information provided by the corresponding user, you need to:

To store and organize data about contacts that is not collected by the default fields, you need to:

To achieve better performance with Kentico EMS websites by reducing the volume of contact management data: