Using the editor

The editor in Kentico provides you with functionality similar to the one in Word. You can use the editor whenever you are entering content into editable areas in pages or, for example, when editing pages.

The toolbar

The toolbar in the editor allows you to manipulate the content of the text area that you are editing. You can not only work with text itself but also perform actions like embedding various types of media content. This chapter describes many of the actions that you can perform using the editor toolbar.

The Editor toolbar in Kentico

Toolbar configurability

The rich text editor toolbar is completely customizable, which means that:

  • Some buttons and functionality may be hidden from your project.
  • The toolbar of the editor may be different in various locations throughout the system.
  • The overall appearance of the editor may be slightly different than screenshots in the documentation.

Consult with your project’s developer if you have questions about the functionality of the rich text editor, or see Personalizing the editor toolbars and buttons.