Using Amazon web services with Kentico

Amazon Web Services provide a complex cloud solution for applications. Kentico is compatible with several of these services out-of-the-box. This page describes the most important services which you can utilize.

Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2) provides computing power in the form of virtual servers in the cloud. The platform allows you to dynamically scale the amount of servers and computing power assigned to your service, and gives you full control of the virtual machines.

Kentico is compatible with Amazon EC2, the setup being the same as on any other on-premise machine. See Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud documentation for details on how to setup Amazon EC2.

Configuring SMTP servers on Amazon EC2 instances

Amazon limits the amount of SMTP traffic that EC2 instances can send on port 25.

If you experience problems when sending emails from your EC2 instance, try changing the configuration of your SMTP server to an alternative port number (for example 2525).

Amazon Auto Scaling

The Auto Scaling service allows you to automatically increase or decrease the number of virtual servers in your EC2 service based on the criteria you set. Kentico is compatible with this service through the Web farm servers functionality. Kentico considers each virtual server an individual web farm server and is able to automatically recognize and configure these servers in its system as they are added or removed. To set up Kentico to automatically configure its web farm servers:

  1. In the Kentico administration interface, open the Settings application.
  2. Navigate to the Versioning & Synchronization -> Web farm category.
  3. Set the Web farm mode to Automatic.
  4. Click Save.

Amazon S3 storage

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) provides a scalable data storage infrastructure. Kentico projects installed as websites or web applications can utilize Amazon S3 for storing media and other large files. See Configuring Amazon S3 for instructions on how to set up Amazon S3 storage for Kentico.

Amazon CloudFront CDN

Amazon CloudFront CDN is a content delivery service, which works with Amazon S3 storage. You can configure Amazon CloudFront CDN for your Amazon S3 storage to speed up the distribution of web content in your website to the end users. See Configuring Amazon S3 for instructions on how to set up CloudFront CDN for your Azure S3 storage.

Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service is capable of hosting your Kentico database in the cloud, giving you the option to resize its capacity as needed. See Amazon Relational Database Service documentation for details.

Separating the contact management database on Amazon RDS is not supported.