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E-commerce features

The Kentico E-commerce Solution is an out-of-the-box part of Kentico. It enables you to create your own on-line stores while offering userscustomers, and store managers, a flexible, feature-rich e-commerce platform that addresses a wide range of e-business needs.

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced Kentico user, this section gives you insight into:

If you need an introduction into the e-commerce functionality, the Getting familiar with the E-commerce Solution page is there to guide you through the Kentico e-commerce applications and terminology.

I want to have my store up and running

Multilingual store

Present the products and services that you offer to your customers in multiple language versions.

Multiple currencies and exchange rates

Allow your customers to make orders in currencies different from the on-line store main currency.

Configurable tax calculation

Calculate taxes based on customer’s billing or delivery address.

Site-specific and global data

Learn how you can use site-specific objects available only on the respective sites and global objects shared across all your sites.

Permissions for store managers

Create users that can manage parts of your store.


Product catalogues

Refer to these pages to learn how to implement product catalogues on MVC sites:

Checkout process

Implement checkout steps and further configure the checkout process to best suit your and your customers’ needs.

Order summaries

Display summaries of past orders to customers and implement order management interfaces on the MVC site.

Portal Engine

Product catalogues

Learn how to create product catalogues on Portal Engine sites.

Checkout process

Add checkout process steps and further configure the checkout process to best suit your and your customers’ needs.

Payment methods with customer credit

Allow your customers to pay with different payment gateways, such as credit cards or PayPal, or enable them to have their system credit.

I want to manage orders, products, customers, etc.


Manage the products and services that you offer in your on-line store and set them based on your desires:

  • Product options – Manage options that you added to the offered products. For example, multiple colors, configurations, etc.
  • Product variants – Manage variants of your main products. For example, T-shirts in different sizes and colors. Each combination of size and color.
  • Brands and Manufacturers – Manage brand and manufacturer labels and assign them to your store’s products.
  • Collections – Prepare product collections for your store and use them to organize products (each product can belong to one collection).
  • Suppliers – Manage supplier labels and assign them to the products and services offered in your store.
  • Product workflow – Set up a reviewing and approval process to ensure quality of your website’s content and design.


Flexibly combine and grant your customers the following types of discounts:

  • Catalog discounts – Grant eligible customers discounts on selected products.
  • Order discounts – Grant eligible customers discounts on their whole shopping.
  • Free shipping offers – Grant eligible customers the benefit of free shipping.
  • Volume discounts – Offer better prices to your customers if they purchase specified amounts of given products.
  • Buy X Get Y discounts – Offer customers free or discounted products if they purchase specified products.
  • Bundles – Offer and sell customers multiple products of various kinds as single products for special prices.

Additionally, you can motivate your customers to purchase more products by providing them with coupon codes. The customers can exchange these virtual vouchers for various types of discounts or use them as Gift cards.


Manage your on-line store customers.


Manage orders that your customers placed while purchasing in your on-line store.

Reports and statistics

View reports and statistics related to your on-line store.

I want to extend or modify the e-commerce functionality

Product prices

Integrate custom or external sources that provide the prices of products.

Tax calculation

Customize how the system calculates taxes.

Discount rules

Add new rules that determine conditions for applying catalog discounts, order discounts, free shipping offers or gift cards.


Customize how the system applies discounts to shopping carts and orders.


Create custom shipping carrier providers to offer your customers shipping via any shipping company.

Overall shopping cart calculation

Modify or extend the shopping cart calculation engine to get full control of how the system performs the overall evaluation and calculation of shopping cart and order values.

Custom payment gateways

Create custom payment gateways, which can integrate with any banking or payment system.

Price rounding

Adjust how the system rounds monetary values.