Searching for macros

The system provides a report where you can find all occurrences of macro expressions:

  1. Open the System application.

  2. Select the Macros -> Report tab.

  3. Specify the filtering options to narrow down the list of macros:

    • Object type - shows only macros stored in the data of objects of the selected type
    • Macro type - switches between Context {% … %}, Query string {? … ?} and Localization {$ … $} macros
    • Report problems - if checked, the report only displays macros that contain syntax errors or have invalid security signatures.
    • Macro contains - searches for macros that contain the specified text in their expression
  4. Click Search.

Tip: Use the Report problems option to search the system for instances of macros that do not resolve correctly. Such macros can lead to problems on your websites.

The list displays the following information for each macro:

  • The text of the macro expression (if the text is a macro rule, hover over the value to view the actual macro code)
  • An indicator showing whether the macro is syntactically valid
  • The name of the macro’s author (the user name or identity in the macro’s signature)
  • An indicator showing whether the macro’s security signature is valid
  • The object type and exact field containing the macro

Searching for macros containing the ‘Date’ keyword