Allowing users to categorize pages via fields

You can allow editors and other users to categorize pages on the Form or Content tab of the Pages application. This makes it possible for users to categorize pages when creating them. Users can also categorize existing pages without having to access the Properties tab.

To allow users to categorize pages on the Form/Content tab, add a new field to the related page types:

  1. Open the Page types application.
  2. Edit () the given page type.
  3. Switch to the Fields tab.
  4. Click New field.
  5. Fill in the properties of the new field as follows:
    • Field type: Standard field
    • Field name: PageCategories (for example)
    • Data type: Text
    • Size: 100
    • Field caption: Category (for example)
    • Field description: any description that you want users to see when hovering over the field caption
    • Form control: Multiple categories selector
    Creating a page category field for a page type
  6. Save the field.

Now whenever users edit pages of this type on the Form or Content tab or create new pages of this type, they can assign categories to the page.
Assigning categories on the Form tab