Configuring countries

The Countries application allows you to configure a list of countries, which is used in various places throughout the system. The countries defined in this list are offered in forms, where the Country selector form control is used. For example, country selectors appear in the Contact management interface, or when filling in the billing or shipping address for e-commerce orders.

Creating new countries

Click New country to define a new country. The following properties are available when creating or editing a country object:

Country display name

The name of the country displayed to the users of your website.

Country code name

A unique identifier of the country object used by developers in code. Unless there is a reason to set a particular value, you can leave the default (automatic) option, and the system generates an appropriate code name.

Country 2-letter code

Can be used to enter the country’s two-letter country code.

Country 3-letter code

Can be used to enter the country’s three-letter country code.