Example - Applying a coupon code to receive a discount on your order

This example demonstrates how to create an order discount that requires customers to enter a coupon code. The 5% discount has no time limit, and is available for all customers. It uses a coupon code that customers can apply up to 10 times to receive the discount. The coupon code can be applied while shopping on the live site, or when editing orders in the administration interface.

The example uses the Dancing Goat sample site.

Adding an order discount

First, you need to add a new order discount.

  1. Open the Order discounts application.

  2. Click New order discount.         

    • The system opens a page where you can specify the discount properties.
  3. Enter the following values for the discount’s properties:                

    • Name: 5% discount coupon
    • Enabled: Yes (selected)
    • Amount: 5
    • Customer has to redeem a coupon to get the discount: Yes (selected)
  4. Click Save.

The system opens the Coupons tab, where you can add a coupon code for the discount.

Adding a coupon code to the order discount

  1. Click Create coupon code.

  2. Enter the following values for the coupon code’s properties:

    • Coupon code: DC-5
    • Redemption limit: 10
  3. Click Save.

The system adds the specified coupon code to the order discount, which customers can redeem up to 10 times.

Applying the coupon code to receive the order discount

While shopping on the live site

  1. View the live site.

  2. Select the Store page in the Dancing Goat site’s main menu.

  3. Add some products to the shopping cart.

  4. On the shopping cart page, enter the coupon code:

    • Discount coupon: DC-5
  5. Click APPLY.

    • The system applies the discount and recalculates the order.
      Order discount applied to the shopping cart

If you now click CHECKOUT, you can continue with the checkout process.

While editing an existing order in the administration interface

  1. Open the Orders application.

  2. Edit () the selected order.

  3. Switch to the Items tab.

  4. Enter the coupon code:

    • If you have a coupon, please enter it here: DC-5
  5. Click Update.

    • The system applies the discount and recalculates the order.
      Order discount applied

If you now click OK, the system saves the order with the discount applied.