Storing data from reports

You can save the currently displayed data of a report for printing or for a later reference:

  1. In the Reporting application, select a report.
  2. Open the View tab.
  3. Click Save.

The system archives the entire report into the system history. If the data displayed in the report changes, the saved reports are NOT affected.

You can view the saved reports on the Saved reports tab.

Exporting report data to files

Additionally, you can also export the data displayed in a report into external files using various formats. To export report data:

  1. Switch to the View tab.
  2. Right‑click on a graph or table in the given report and choose one of the offered options:
    • Export to Excel - exports the data displayed by the given object to an XLSX spreadsheet.
    • Export to CSV - exports data to a CSV file.
    • Export to XML - exports data to an XML file.

For more details on the data export feature, refer to the Exporting data from the user interface chapter.

Note: The data export function may be disabled for some tables and graphs, depending on the configuration of the given reporting object.