Configuring and customizing your on-line marketing features

Configuring on-line marketing features

Before you start working with on-line marketing features, make sure that you have set up the features correctly and provided marketers with necessary permissions:

You may also need to enable or configure individual on-line marketing features to allow marketers work with them efficiently:

Furthermore, you can make additional adjustments to banners, campaigns, and personas:

Ensuring marketing data recalculation for MVC sites

Sites built using the MVC development model run as two separate applications – an MVC live site and the Kentico administration interface. For performance reasons, all recalculations of contact scores, contact groups, personas and marketing automation triggers are done by the Kentico application.


Because the Kentico application itself does not usually receive traffic from site visitors, you need to keep the application alive to ensure that the recalculations work correctly. For example, you can set the Start Mode advanced setting of the used application pool in IIS to AlwaysRunning.

Customizing on-line marketing features

After having enabled and configured, and even worked with your on-line marketing features, you may want to customize them, so that you can use the features in a more efficient manner: