Loading user information from Facebook profiles

The Facebook Login authentication feature allows you to automatically download user information from associated Facebook profiles. Users who log in using their Facebook accounts do not need to fill out information about themselves. Instead, the system can do that for them automatically.

  1. Go to Settings -> Security & Membership -> Authentication -> Facebook.

  2. Select an option in Update users:

    • Never – disables this feature. User information that has already been downloaded is kept in the system.
    • When they log in for the first time – downloads the user information only once, when they log in for the first time.
    • Every time they log in – updates the user information every time they log in. However, this option does not update fields in Kentico that the user has already changed or fields that the system already filled using the information from the Facebook profile. For example, if an existing user gets married and changes her name on Facebook, her record in Kentico is not updated because the system downloaded her name from Facebook before.
  3. Click Edit next to User profile mapping.

  4. Select how Kentico user fields relate to Facebook user fields and click Save & Close.

  5. Save the settings after you define the field mappings.

The system stores your settings. You can test the configuration by placing the Facebook Connect logon web part on a page.

Some fields of Facebook users can be accessed only if your Facebook Login app has the required permissions and has gone through App Review (for example the Birthday and Location fields). See Permissions Reference - Facebook Login on the Facebook website for further details.

Additionally, individual users need to approve access to their fields. The Facebook Connect web parts show a request for permission to the user automatically. If the user does not give their permission, the system does not log the user in and does not load any information.