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Translations.com is a worldwide translation provider that offers website localization in over 170 languages. Kentico includes a default service that automatically ensures the transfer of translation data between the system and Translations.com.

To set up the Translation.com service:

  1. Contact a Translations.com representative and arrange a translation project for your website.
  2. Log in to the Kentico administration interface and open the Settings application.
  3. Select the Content -> Translation services category.
  4. Enter the information of your Translation.com project into the settings under the Translations.com section:
    • Project Director URL
    • Client user name
    • Client user password
    • Project short code
  5. Click Save.

You can now submit pages for translation using the Translations.com translation service.

Kentico EMS required

Features described on this page require the Kentico EMS license.

Manually editing submissions

We do not recommend manually editing submissions on Translations.com. If you edit a submission on the Translations.com side, the documentTicket property of the submission is changed. Kentico uses the documentTicket property to match existing submissions with the ones on the Translations.com side. When the property is changed on one side, Kentico is unable to match the two submissions together.

Canceling and resubmitting page translations

The Translations.com translation service does not allow canceling submissions directly in Kentico. If you need to cancel submissions sent for translation, do so in the Project Director or by contacting the Translations.com support. Note that canceling a portion of the submission on the Translations.com side sets the 'Cancelled' status to the whole submission in Kentico.

Resubmitting a page that was already sent for translation to Translations.com always creates a new submission on the Translations.com side. This can result in your account getting billed for each of the submissions if someone already started translating the previous submission on the Translations.com side. On the Kentico side, the system overwrites the earlier submissions so that it downloads only the newest submission from Translations.com.

Translation submission logs

Whenever a user submits a translation to Translations.com, a new record is created in the event log (Event log application). The service also logs any errors that may occur while sending or receiving translation data.

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