Managing stand-alone SKUs

Although we recommend that you manage product objects or SKUs together with associated product pages, as described in Products, the Kentico E-commerce Solution allows you to manage product objects that have no product page assigned. These products are referred to as stand-alone SKUs.

Stand-alone SKUs are disabled by default. You need to modify your on-line store settings to access them.

Managing stand-alone SKUs

You can manage stand-alone SKUs in the Products application. The system displays the Stand-alone SKUs node above the product sections tree, which lists all stand-alone SKUs defined on the selected site.

Add a new stand-alone SKU by clicking New () above the tree while having the Stand-alone SKUs node selected. Existing stand-alone SKUs can be modified in a dedicated stand-alone SKUs user interface by clicking Edit () in the Actions column. Remove a stand-alone SKU from the system by clicking Delete ().

Managing products - stand-alone SKUs list

If the sections tree is hidden (see Settings - E-commerce), the system displays both standard and stand-alone SKUs in a single list. You can add a new stand-alone product via New SKU.

Managing products - products list (hidden sections tree)

Editing stand-alone SKUs

When editing SKUs, the system offers the following tabs:

The same tabs containing the same properties are available if you are editing a standard product (i.e. SKU + associated product type page).