Increasing storage capacity on Azure Web Apps

By default on Azure Web Apps, all files are stored in the file system with the application, including the media files. However, the capacity of the storage space is limited – the Basic plan has 10 GB storage available, see Websites Limits for details. When you exceed the capacity, for example by uploading large media files, you have the following options:

  • Raise the web hosting plan.
  • Configure your system to use Azure Blob Storage and store the media files there.

Storing media libraries on Azure Blob Storage

  1. Proceed according to Mapping files to Azure storage.
  2. Re-deploy your project to the Azure Web Apps.


  • Links to the media files will be different for files in the file system and files located on the Blob Storage.
  • Everything else apart from the media library files will be stored on the Web App server file system.
  • Azure CDN can only be enabled for files stored in the Azure Blob Storage.