Customizing customer preferences

In Kentico, you can modify how the system decides which currency, payment method and shipping option are preferred for a registered customer. The customer’s preferred currency, payment method and shipping option are pre-filled when the customer goes through the checkout process.

By default, the preferred currency, payment method and shipping option are chosen based on the customer’s last order.

To customize how the system chooses the preferred currency, payment method and shipping option:

  1. Open your Kentico project in Visual Studio.

  2. Create a new class that implements the ICustomerPreferencesProvider interface (found in the CMS.Ecommerce namespace).

    Class location

    For production sites, we recommend creating a new assembly (Class library project) in your Kentico solution and including the classes there. Then, add the appropriate references to both the assembly and the main Kentico web project. For more information, see Best practices for customization.

  3. Implement the GetPreferences method.

    • The method must return an object of the CustomerPreferences class, which contains the CurrencyID, PaymentOptionID and ShippingOptionID properties (all nullable integers). Assign null values to the properties that you do not want to set.
  4. Register your ICustomerPreferencesProvider implementation using the RegisterImplementation assembly attribute.

     using CMS;
     using CMS.Ecommerce;
     [assembly: RegisterImplementation(typeof(ICustomerPreferencesProvider), typeof(CustomCustomerPreferencesProvider))]
     public class CustomCustomerPreferencesProvider : ICustomerPreferencesProvider
         public CustomerPreferences GetPreferences(CustomerInfo customer, SiteInfoIdentifier site)
  5. Save your project and reload your Kentico website.

If you open your website, the system uses the registered ICustomerPreferencesProvider implementation. Registered customers now have their currency, payment method and shipping option pre-filled based on your custom logic.