Working with page relationships

Using named relationships, you can add relationships between pages in your website's content tree. Page relationships allow your site's developers to:

  • Display related pages on pages using listing web parts or controls
  • Work with connections between pages in your custom logic (API)

Defining page relationship types

Before connecting pages using relationships, you need to set up the relationship types (names) in the system. There are no restrictions on the number of different relationship types between pages.

  1. Open the Relationship names application.
  2. Click New relationship name.
  3. Type a Display name for the relationship type.
  4. Set the Type to Pages.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Switch to the Sites tab and add all sites where you wish to use the relationship.

You can now create relationships of the given type between pages.

Creating relationships between pages

To connect two pages through a relationship:

  1. Open the Pages application.
  2. Select one of the pages in the content tree.
  3. Switch to the Properties -> Related pages tab.
  4. Click Add related pages.
  5. Choose the Relationship name (type).
  6. Select the other related page on the right side of the relationship (type the alias path or click Select page).
  7. Click Save.

The two pages are now related. The relationships are not symmetric – each relationship has one of the pages on the left side and the other on the right. Add any number of relationships to pages.

Note that creating and removing relationships between pages is not a versioned operation. That is, changes to the relationships are immediately reflected on the published version of the pages.

Adding relationships between pages

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