Configuring contact recognition

Kentico EMS required

Features described on this page require the Kentico EMS license.

Most current sites need to deal with contact recognition scenarios involving visitors with same IP addresses. Visitors often come from shared networks, such as company or municipal networks. Kentico’s contact recognition is configured so that it best covers these scenarios. This means that Kentico doesn’t automatically assign contacts to anonymous visitors based on their:

  • Browser user agent
  • IP addresses

The system also remembers contacts until their cookies are deleted or until a different contact is determined for the visitor.

If this behavior doesn’t suit your needs, you can change it programmatically by implementing the Kentico’s ICurrentContactProvider interface:

  1. Create a class that implements the ICurrentContactProvider interface.

  2. Implement your own logic for contact recognition.

     using System;
     using CMS;
     using CMS.Membership;
     using CMS.OnlineMarketing;
     using CMS.SiteProvider;
     [assembly: RegisterImplementation(typeof(ICurrentContactProvider), typeof(CustomCurrentContactProvider))]
     /// <summary>
     /// Summary description for CustomCurrentContactProvider
     /// </summary>
     public class CustomCurrentContactProvider : ICurrentContactProvider
         public ContactInfo GetCurrentContact(RequestDependencies request, SiteInfo site, CurrentUserInfo currentUser, bool forceUserMatching)
             // Implement your contact recognition logic.
             throw new NotImplementedException();
         public void SetCurrentContact(CMS.SiteProvider.SiteInfo site, ContactInfo contact)
             // Implement your logic for storing information about the current contact.
             throw new NotImplementedException();
  3. Save the file.

Tracking web bots

Contact management does not track web bots (such as search engine crawlers) by default, because they are not relevant from a marketing point of view. If you wish to log bots in the system as contacts, you can change the default behavior by adding the following key to the appSettings section of your web.config file:

<add key="CMSEnableContactBots" value="true" />