Displaying maps

Maps can be useful for displaying your offices, stores, location of the products that you offer, such as real estate, and many other information. You can display both static and dynamic maps on your pages using web parts and widgets.

Map displaying office locations on the sample Corporate site

You can use the following two map providers for displaying your maps:

  • Google Maps - uses the Google maps API v3.
  • Bing Maps - uses the Bing maps API.
    • Certain Bing maps services require that you to have a Bing maps account. As a Bing map account holder, you can create keys to use these services.

Requirement for Bing Maps

To use Bing Maps, you need to update your project to utilize the Bing Maps V8 Web control.

Each of these providers has its dedicated web parts and widgets.


You can see the web parts configured and working on the sample Corporate Site, under the Examples -> Web Parts -> Maps page of the content tree.