Strands Recommender integration

The Strands Recommender integration allows you to provide personalized product recommendations. You can provide such recommendations to the visitors of your store and, if you have a Kentico EMS license, the recipients of your email campaign and marketing automation emails.

The integration provides real time recommendations based on its ability to immediately learn how visitors behave when browsing your store. For example, what kind of products visitors look at, which products they buy or search for in the store. The Strands Recommender can then show universal and configurable recommendations to the store visitors, such as similar products, most popular products, products other people bought, and others.

Minimum store size

Note that it is recommended for your store to contain at least 400 products and have site traffic of at least 10,000 visitors a month for the Strands Recommender engine to work correctly.

You can fully configure both the way the recommendations are displayed on your store or in your email communication, as well as the logic of the recommendations—the visitor behavior that is taken into account.

Learn more about the capabilities of the Strands Recommender.

Multilingual and multiple currencies support

The Strands recommender integration supports recommending products in multiple languagesas well as in multiple currencies. The recommendations that the user sees are localized into the culture in which the user is viewing the website—each product’s title, description, and link (url) can be localized. If the product’s price is displayed as well, it is displayed in the user’s currently selected currency.

The price of products in different currencies is calculated based on the set exchange rates.

Before your store can make use of Strands Recommender, you need to set up the integration.

A strands recommendation as it appears on a page

A strands recommendation