Is this really the version you are looking for? Kentico 9 documentation is no longer updated. Use the switch in the header to choose your Kentico version.

Exporting single objects

You can export some Kentico objects separately as single object packages. For example, single object export is supported for:

To export an object, navigate to the appropriate application in the Kentico administration interface.

For objects in lists, click Other actions (...) and select Export in the menu.

Exporting a single object

For objects organized in tree menus, you can select the object and click Export object () above the tree.

The Export object dialog opens.

  1. Type a name for the export file (a default name will be pre-entered).
  2. Click Export.

When the object export is successfully finished, the dialog shows the path to the exported file. You can click Download package to save the file into a different location.