Creating notification message templates

Creating a new notification template

  1. Open the Notifications application.

  2. Switch to the Templates tab.

  3. Using the Sites drop-down list, select a site which will use the template.

    • If you choose (global), the template will be available for all sites.
  4. Click New template.

  5. Type the Display name of the new template.

  6. Click Save.

The system creates a new template. Now you can define the content of the template.

Defining the content of a notification template

  1. Switch to the Text tab.

  2. Define the notification message. You should see sections for each of the defined gateways. You can set a different text for each gateway, so that for one event, you can have different texts sent via e-mail and via SMS.

    • Each section contains the gateway name and some of the following fields, depending on the gateway settings:
      • Subject - message subject text.

      • HTML text - text of the message in HTML format.

      • Plain text - text of the message in plain text format.

        Creating a new notification template

  3. Click Save.

You have just created a new template for notifications.