Installing Custom module licensing

To use license management tools and functionality from the Custom module licensingpackage, you need to download and install it first.

Downloading the package

Download the package from Kentico Marketplace.

The package contains ModuleLicenses.nupkg – a NuGet package that provides licensing support for any number of custom modules in a single Kentico instance. This package contains a Module licenses application for Kentico that provides management functionality for generated module licenses, as well as an API for creating licenses and retrieving license data.

Installing the package

To add the ModuleLicenses.nupkg NuGet package to your Kentico solution, follow the steps described in Installing modules from installation packages. This package installs the Module licenses application along with all of the necessary functionality to support licensing of custom modules on your Kentico instance.

Important: For licensing custom modules, you need to apply hotfix 9.0.49 or newer.

Uninstalling custom module licensing

To remove the custom module licensing functionality along with its application, follow instructions in Uninstalling modules.