Adding watermarks to images

Kentico allows you to specify a watermark that will overlay the images used throughout the system.

You can have the system automatically apply watermarks to the following images:

  • Page attachment images
  • Media library images
  • Object attachment (metafile) images

To add watermarks to images

  1. Navigate to Settings -> System -> Files.
  2. Specify the watermark image that you want to use:
    1. By a full relative path, for example, *~/CorporateSite/media/images/watermark.jpg**– OR –*
    2. By specifying the watermark image file name placed in ~/CMS/App_Themes/Default/Images/Watermarks. For example, watermark.jpg.
  3. Configure the other watermark properties.
  4. Save.

The watermark will now be applied to all the images for which it was configured.