The Blogs application allows you to publish a personal or a company blog. Blog is a frequent, chronological publication of one’s thoughts and web links. You can publish multiple blogs on the same site and there can be multiple editors for each blog.

A blog on the sample Corporate site

Every blog post that you create is a standard page that can be displayed on the website, searched in, etc.

Sample blog

You can find an example of a completely set up blog on the sample Corporate Site. On the sample site, navigate to Community -> Blogs. The Blogs page displays a list of blogs, each of which you can access by clicking on the particular blog link. 

After clicking the chosen blog link, the system displays a new page with a list of blog posts and some additional information. Additional information, such as blog description, tags, favorite websites, recent posts, RSS feed link and post archive are displayed on the right side of the page.

A sample blog with listed blog posts 

Finally, when you click on a particular blog post link, you can see the text plus the Comments section that allows you to read and add comments to the blog post. Additional information related to the current blog is also available.

A sample blog post