Exporting portal engine templates as ASPX

The system provides a way to export existing portal engine page templates as ASPX templates.

  1. Edit your application’s web.config file and add the CMSShowTemplateASPXTab key to the <appSettings> section:

     <add key="CMSShowTemplateASPXTab" value="true"/>
  2. Log in to the Kentico administration interface

  3. Open the Page templates application.

  4. Select the required portal engine template in the tree.

  5. Open the ASPX code tab.

  6. Select the export type:

    • Template using master page
    • Master page
    • Standard page template
    • Page template code only (no code behind)
  7. Choose a Site and fill in the Template name.

  8. Click Save to the disk.

You can find the exported ASPX template in the web project’s ~/CMSTemplates/<Site>/ folder.