Managing Bundles

The Bundle product representation is designed to allow your customers to purchase several different products as a single product. This approach can be highly effective if you are offering related products, or products that don’t sell well enough separately.

Defining a bundle

If you are adding a new product or editing an existing one (on the General tab), you need to select Bundle as the value of the product’s Representing property. After doing so, the system displays the Bundle section, allowing you to enter properties specific for the Bundle representation.


Remove from inventory

Here you can define the behavior of the inventory.

  • Remove bundle only - the system removes the bundle from the inventory as a whole.
  • Remove each product separately - the system removes individual product items within the bundle from the respective inventories.
  • Remove both bundle and products - the system removes both the bundle and individual product items within the bundle from the respective inventories.


Here you can add products to be shipped within the bundle:

  1. Click Add products.
  2. Select products in the displayed selection dialog as required.
  3. Click Select.

To remove selected products from the bundle, click Remove selected. To remove all products from the bundle at once, click … -> Remove all.

You cannot add the following product representations into a bundle: Bundle, Donation.

Defining bundle properties

Bundle price calculation

During its price calculation, a bundle behaves as a separate product. Neither taxes nor discounts related to individual products contained in the bundle are reflected in the calculation.