Abuse reports

The Abuse report application enables site visitors to report various forms of website abuse. This can include flame-type forum posts, rude comments on blog posts and message boards, spamming, links to illegal content, and any other form of website abuse coming from user input.

The site visitors can report abuse using the Abuse report and In-line abuse report web parts.

Example of the Report abuse dialog

The Abuse reporting functionality is also embedded in web parts from Forums and Message boards. See Integrating abuse reporting with other community features for more information.

Website administrators can read and manage submitted reports in the Abuse report application. This is where the system lists submitted reports, allowing you to get redirected to the source of reported abuse and take an appropriate action. Users who want to manage abuse reports must be in a role granted with appropriate permissions for the application.

List of abuse reports

Abuse reporting is just one of the functions that can help you deal with unwanted user behavior on your site. If you want to keep your site free of rude language or filter user input based on contained keywords, use the Bad words application. If you are facing a problem with notorious spammers or have another reason why certain IP addresses should be prevented from accessing your site, you can deny access for the IP addresses using the Banned IPs application.