Creating web templates

The system allows you to save sites created in Kentico as web templates. You can then use the web templates as starting points for developing new sites. To save a site as a web template:

  1. Export your site.

    Important: You need to carefully consider which global objects you include in the site export package (such as modules, web parts, search indexes, etc.). When you create new sites based on the template, the system overwrites existing objects using the ones from the web template. We recommend that you only keep objects that are directly related to the site’s design and content.

  2. Open the ~\App_Data\Templates folder inside your web project directory.

    • This folder stores all default templates, such as the Corporate or Community site.
  3. Create a new folder for your web template.

  4. Add a sub-folder named Data.

  5. Extract the content of your site’s export package into the Data folder.

  6. Log into the Kentico administration interface and open the Web templates application.

  7. Click New web template.

  8. Enter the following details:

    • Display name - the name of the web template displayed in the new site wizard.
    • Code name - serves as a unique identifier of the web template.
    • Web template folder - specifies the path to the folder containing the template’s export package: ~\App_Data\Templates\<your folder>
    • Description - text describing the content and purpose of the web template.
    • Thumbnail - allows you to upload a preview image. The system displays this image next to the template in the Choose web template dialog of the new site wizard.
    • License editions / packages - select the editions of Kentico where the web template is supported. The system only offers the template if the license requirements are fulfilled on the given instance of Kentico.
  9. Click Save.

Your new web template is now included in the list. You can createnew sites based on the template.