Excluding files and folders from export

You can exclude files and folders that are exported into the Files folder when the system creates export packages. Add the following keys into the AppSettings section of your project’s web.config file:

  • Excluding folders from export:

      <add key="CMSExportExcludedFolders" value="test*;cms*" />
  • Excluding files from export:

      <add key="CMSExportExcludedFiles" value="test*;cms*" />

The values of the keys define names of files/folders the system excludes from the export. You can enter multiple values separated by semicolons.

You can also use the standard file system mask with the * wildcard, which represents any number of characters in the name. No other file system mask wildcards are supported.

If the keys are not entered in the web.config file, files with the .scc extension and folders with the .svn extension are excluded by default. However, if the keys are used, only the specified files and folders are excluded.