Installing Kentico from the command line

You can install Kentico from the command line without any user interface and user interaction involved using the Kentico Installer. The command line installation also allows you to modify an existing installation and add or remove components contained in this installation. You need to prepare a configuration XML file and execute a command from the command line with this XML file as a parameter.

The main purpose of the command line installation is the possibility of automated installation and modification of Kentico.

The command line installation is capable of fully substituting the manual installation procedure, and can include the following components:

  • the program files
  • the new web project and configuration of the project’s application in IIS
  • the new database on your SQL server
  • sample websites based on available web templates

Command line installation procedure

  1. Create an XML configuration file during the custom installation process using the Save XML configuration link. This allows you to set all options in the Installer UI and generate a matching XML configuration file.

  2. Move the XML file to the folder containing Kentico Installer (Kentico<version>.exe).

  3. Execute a command with the Kentico<version>.exe <configuration XML file name>.xml syntax in the folder:

     Kentico_9_0.exe KenticoInstallationProfile.xml

The installation is executed according to the configuration in the XML file.

The log file

If the command line Installation crashes without explanation, try searching for the log file in the default locations: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kentico\9.0\ or the Installer folder.