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Running Kentico on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform for hosting and managing applications and services. This section provides information on the specifics of developing Kentico on Microsoft Azure and offers instructions on the installation, configuration and deployment of Microsoft Azure web projects.

Basic information about running Kentico in Microsoft Azure environment

Installation and deployment

Additional information

  • Developing Azure projects locally - learn how to set up Azure projects to prepare them for the development on your local machines.
  • Developing on Microsoft Azure - best practices - our recommendations on how to configure Azure projects and your environment.
  • Microsoft Azure Web Apps - Microsoft Azure Web Apps (formerly known as Websites) is an alternative option to the mainly used Cloud Services environment offering easier set up, but fewer customization options.
  • Configuring Azure storage - in case you do not need to host your whole application in the cloud, you can utilize this hybrid scenario, which uses Microsoft Azure Storage as a file storage for your project.
  • Azure web.config settings - see this reference for a list of available web.config setting keys for your Azure project.

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