Preparing your environment for team development

Development in a team of coworkers can be difficult, as collisions can occur if two people edit the same object at the same time and unintentionally overwrite each other’s work. That’s why developers can lock objects for editing (check out) and unlock it (check in) after finishing the edits. When an object is checked out, other developers cannot modify it.

Locking is available for various types of objects with modifiable code, such as CSS stylesheets or web part containers.

Supported object types

The following table lists the objects types that support object locking and storage/editing on the server’s disk instead of the system’s database (except for E-mail templates which you cannot store on the disk).

The Editing interface column shows the locations within the Kentico administration interface where you can edit objects of the given type. If object locking is enabled, the Check out button (or Undo checkout and Check in buttons when the object is checked out) appear above the code editing area.

Object type

Editing interface

Alternative forms

  • Page types -> Edit a page type -> Alternative forms
  • Custom tables -> Edit a custom table -> Alternative forms
  • Modules -> Edit a module -> Classes -> Edit a class -> Alternative forms
  • Forms -> Edit a form -> Alternative forms

CSS stylesheets

  • CSS stylesheets
  • Pages -> Edit mode -> Properties -> General -> Edit a CSS stylesheet
  • other interfaces containing the stylesheet selector

E-mail templates*

  • E-mail templates

Page layouts

  • Page layouts
  • Pages -> Edit mode -> Design -> Edit layout

Page templates

  • Page templates -> select a template -> Layout
  • Pages -> Edit mode -> Design
  • other interfaces that allow editing of page templates


  • Page types -> Edit a page type -> Transformations
  • Custom tables -> Edit a custom table -> Transformations
  • Web part configuration dialogs of web parts with transformation properties

Web part containers

  • Web part containers
  • Web part configuration dialogs

Web part layouts

  • Web parts -> select a web part -> Layout
  • Pages -> Edit mode -> Design -> Configure a web part -> Layout

* Does not support storage on the disk