Integrating email campaigns into sites

To integrate email marketing into your website, place the following web parts onto pages:

Web part


Newsletter subscription

Displays a dialog that allows website visitors to subscribe to newsletters.

Custom subscription form

Provides an email campaign subscription form similar to the the Subscription web part. You can, however, set up this web part to use a different layout and appearance.

You need to define the customized subscription form as an alternative form:

  1. Open the Modules application.
  2. Edit the Email marketing module.
  3. Select the Classes tab and edit the Newsletter - Subscriber class.
  4. Create the form on the Alternative forms tab.

Newsletter unsubscription

Unsubscribes users from an newsletter and displays a confirmation message. Users are typically directed to the page containing this web part through the “Unsubscribe” link in individual campaign emails. The web part reads the exact email campaign and subscriber from parameters passed in the query string of the URL.

Email campaign archive

Displays archived issues of a specified email campaign to authenticated users.

Unsubscription request

This web part allows email campaign subscribers to request an unsubscription email by submitting their email address.

  • The content of the email is based on theEmail campaigns - Unsubscription request e‑mail template. You can edit the template in the Email templates application.
  • The unsubscription link in the sent e‑mail is only valid for the amount of hours specified in Settings -> On‑line marketing -> Email campaigns -> Double‑opt in interval.

My subscriptions

This web part can be used by users to add or remove their newsletter subscriptions.

My account

Can be configured to display email campaign subscriptions. Users can then add or remove their subscriptions.

Subscription approval

Approves subscriptions to newsletter with double opt-in enabled and displays a confirmation message. Subscribers are typically directed to the page containing this web part through a link in the double opt-in activation email. An identifier of the exact subscription is read from a parameter passed in the query string of the URL.