Customizing and developing your store

Kentico allows you to extend the scope of available features. You can achieve this by integrating applications, utilities, website templates, etc. developed outside Kentico by third parties. You can also enhance the system by adding your custom applications, web parts and other items.

Integrating functionality with Kentico Marketplace

Kentico Marketplace, the official Kentico community feature sharing portal, offers a wide range of third party features recommended for use with Kentico. Among third party integrations currently offered for the E-commerce Solution, you can find:

  • Payment gateways
    • Custom payment gateways from Kentico Marketplace extends the default payment gateways with, for example, PayPal or eWay payment gateway.
  • Shipping providers
    • Kentico Marketplace also offers shipping providers, for example, for FedEx with current shipping rates.
  • Tax calculation
    • For your automated tax calculation, you can use, for example, Avalara Connector.
  • ERP integration
    • You can also use ERP connectors for integration with Microsoft Dynamics or Sage 50.

You can find these and more third party features and add-ons in the E-commerce section of the Kentico Marketplace.

Before you install any add-on to your production site, check in the add-on details that the add-on works with your version of Kentico.

Integrating your custom functionality

  • You can integrate features that you developed according to your specific requirements.
    For example, you can add your custom applications, templates, web parts, etc. You can also create your custom payment gateways, as described in detail inĀ Creating a custom payment gateway, or your custom shipping provider, as described in detail in Implementing custom shipping carrier providers.
  • You can integrate other third party functionality.
    The system allows you to add third party features using, for example, the built-in integration bus or REST service.

If you need to customize the behavior of the system or wish to personalize its built-in applications, see E-commerce customization model.