Starting to configure the store

When you start working on your on-line store, sort your tasks to benefit from their order. On this page, you can find out useful tips for configuring the E-commerce Solution.

Before working on the site

  • Set which global objects and settings you want to use.
    • If you do not plan to use a multisite store running on one Kentico instance, it is recommended to use only site objects and settings.
  • Create at least one currency.
  • Set up the mass unit and its format.
    • If you do not set up the mass unit, store managers can then set weight of products in a wrong unit (as they will not see any unit by the field) and shipping options may work incorrectly.
  • Create at least one order status.
  • When creating transformations with listing of products, use a shared transformation in a site page type container to use the same code among transformations.

Before creating page types

  • When creating form controls of page types, use the explanation text for fields that could be unclear.
    • The explanation text is displayed directly below the field.
  • Set up a page type scope to ensure order and clarity of your products.
    • The page type scope allows users to create only specified page types inside the currently edited page section. For example, in the Books section of your on-line store, you can set the scope only for Books page type.

Before adding products

  • Enter the default product image.
    • If you do not enter any default product image URL, products in product listings could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Create departments with defined taxes.
    • The system then automatically adds taxes to new products.
  • Enter the relationship name of products for related products, if you plan to allow only one relationship.
    • The system then forbids to create relationships between products and unwanted pages.
  • When adding a product options category to products, it is recommended to manually select the options and not use the Allow all options property.
    • If you select Allow all options, any new option added to the option category will be also offered for the already created products.