Managing stand-alone SKUs

Although we recommend that you manage products the standard way as described in Products (i.e. manage product objects or SKUs together with associated product type pages), the current version of the Kentico E-commerce Solution allows you to manage product objects with unassigned product type pages (stand-alone SKUs).

As stand-alone SKUs are disabled by default, you need to modify your on-line store settings to be able to access product objects with unassigned product type pages.

Managing stand-alone SKUs

You can manage stand-alone SKUs in the Products application. If they are allowed on the current site, the system displays the Stand-alone SKUs node above the product sections tree. The node allows you to view a list of all product objects with unassigned product type pages defined on the current site.

You can add a new stand-alone SKU by clicking New () above the tree (if the Stand-alone SKUs node is selected). Properties of already defined stand-alone SKUs can be modified in a dedicated stand-alone SKUs user interface by clicking Edit () in the Actions column. You can also remove a stand-alone SKU from the system by clicking Delete ().

Managing products - stand-alone SKUs list

If the sections tree is hidden (see E-commerce website settings), the system lists in the Products application both stand-alone SKUs and SKUs with associated product type pages. You can add a new product object (SKU) by clicking New SKU.

Managing products - products list (hidden sections tree)

Editing stand-alone SKUs

If you are editing an SKU, the system offers the following tabs to specify its properties:

The same tabs containing the same properties are available if you are editing a product (i.e. SKU + associated product type page).