OpenID authentication

OpenID is an open, decentralized standard for authenticating users. It is used by sites such as Yahoo!, AOL, Verisign and others. You can set up your Kentico site to allow authentication via credentials from sites or services that support OpenID 2.0.

How to start using OpenID

To set up OpenID authentication, you do not need to register your site. Only take the following steps:

  1. Set up Kentico for OpenID authentication - see Settings - OpenID.
  2. Use one of the OpenID web parts on any page of your site for users to sign in - see Web parts available for OpenID authentication.

When a user signs in through a third-party authentication service for the first time, Kentico automatically creates a new user account for this user. Learn more about managing users that sign in through a third-party authentication service.

How OpenID works

The following diagram illustrates how the process of OpenID login works:

The OpenID login process