Buying contacts from

Kentico EMS required

Features described on this page require the Kentico EMS license.

The integration stops working as of 1st September 2016, because terminates third party access to their API. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. integration allows you to buy contacts from If you own a contact, you can access additional information — the Business phone and E‑mail fields.

The system always buys contacts using the account associated with your Kentico user account — identified by the credentials that you entered when accessing the tab for the first time. See Searching for contacts for more information.

When you buy a contact, it becomes available for all users who share the same account.

Use the following steps to buy contacts while searching for contact information on the tab:

  1. Click Buy this contact.

    • A confirmation dialog opens.
      Buying a contact
  2. If you don’t have enough points to Buy the contact right away:

    1. Click Purchase points. The website opens.
    2. Log in using your credentials.
    3. Specify the amount of points you would like to purchase.
  3. When you have enough points to purchase the contact, click Buy to complete the process.

Once you own a contact in the business directory, the Business phone and E-mail attribute values become visible in the has column.