Example - Logging activities

Kentico EMS required

Features described on this page require the Kentico EMS license.

The following example demonstrates how the system logs activities for anonymous and registered users. You can try out the example on the sample Corporate site.

  1. Visit the live website as an anonymous visitor (without logging in) and perform some actions, for example view the Home page and vote in the poll.

  2. Sign in to Kentico as an administrator and open the Contact management application.

    • The system has created an anonymous contact.

    An anonymous contact created by the system

  3. Edit () the new contact and switch to the Activities tab.

    • You can see that the system logged the Home page visit and the poll voting activity.
      Activities performed by an anonymous contact
  4. Sign out from Kentico to view the live site as an anonymous visitor again.

  5. Go to the My account page and sign up as a new user, for example Peter Chelmsford.

  6. View the Home page and vote in the poll again.

If you view the list of contact again, you can see that system has renamed original anonymous contact according to the entered registration data. Edit () the contact and open the Activities tab to view the updated activity log for the new user.

 Activities performed by a logged user