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On this tab, you can configure the Salesforce integration module which replicates Kentico contacts to Salesforce leads based on their scores.


Organization access

Allows you to authorize access of Kentico to your Salesforce organization on behalf of a specific user.

Replication of contacts into Salesforce leads


Enables or disables replication of Kentico contacts into Salesforce leads.

Keep Salesforce leads updated

If enabled, the replication process includes contacts that have already been replicated before. This ensures that the system updates the corresponding Salesforce leads based on the current contact data.

If disabled, contacts are only replicated once.

Mapping of contacts to Salesforce leads

Allows you to map contact fields to the fields of Salesforce leads. The replication process transfers contact data to leads according to the mappings.

Organization access must be granted in order for this option to be configurable.

Batch size

Applications can only make a limited number of API calls to Salesforce within a 24 hour window. To minimize the number of calls, the replication process handles contacts in batches. Each batch only requires one API call.

This setting specifies the maximum number of contacts that the system replicates in a single batch.


Allows you to select the score that determines which contacts are replicated. The system only replicates contacts that reach a certain value in the given score (specified via the Minimum number of points for replication setting).

If you do not choose a score (None), the system replicates all contacts.

Note: The replication process is always performed separately for each website, so you can only select a score for individual sites, not globally.

Minimum number of points for replication

Specifies the amount of points that contacts must reach in the score selected through the Score setting. Once a contact reaches this value, the system marks it for replication as a Salesforce lead.

Lead description

Defines a custom description for replicated contacts. To map the description to a specific field of Salesforce leads, select the Generated lead description source in the field mappings.

You can insert the values of contact fields into the description using macro expressions.

The default description adds the Last name of the contact that is being replicated and the name of the current site:

{% Contact.ContactLastName %} from {% CurrentSite.SiteName %}

For example, to use the Business phone value instead of the last name, enter the following expression:

{% Contact.ContactBusinessPhone %} from {% CurrentSite.SiteName %}

Default company name

All Salesforce leads require a company name value.

This setting allows you to specify a default company name, which the replication process uses for contacts who are not associated with any company.

The system attempts to retrieve the company name value from sources in Kentico in the following order:

  1. The value of the contact’s Company name field
  2. The name of the account in which the contact is listed as a primary contact
  3. The account that lists the contact as a secondary contact
  4. The first account that contains the contact as a regular contact
  5. The value of the Default company name setting (if none of the above steps are successful)