Working with product options

Product options offer your customers greater variability in choosing the right product, it’s a choosable part of an offered product or even choosable part of a user’s order. The system allows you to organize the options by dividing them into categories of the following types:

  • Attribute (e.g., Color of clothing)
  • Products (e.g., Portable PC accessories, Configurable PC – Operating system)
  • Text (e.g., Book – Inscription)

For example, your on-line store sells books (products) and your customers can optionally buy the books with inscriptions (product options). Or perhaps your store sells T-shirts and allows your customers to buy the T-shirts (products) in multiple colors (product options).

Another use of product options consists in offering them as special additions to the products. For example, your store sells portable computers (products), and your customers can optionally order the computers with portable printers (product options).

Besides, you can offer product options as components of products they constitute. For example, hardware components (product options) of a configurable computer system (product).

You can also offer combinations of product options from multiple product option categories as product variants of the product. For example, the T-shirts (products) that you offer in your on-line store are available in different sizes and colors (product options from two different product option categories). Each combination of size and color for a given T-shirt (product variant) behaves in the system as a separate product. This means that each variant has its own SKU (product number), price, and stock records. Learn more about product variants.

Currently, the system doesn’t support volume discounts for product options.

You can manage product options in the Kentico E-commerce Solution from three places:

  • In the Product options application, in which you can find all product options. There you can connect products to product options.
  • In the Products application, in which you can find all products. There you can connect product options to products.
  • In the Pages application on the SKU -> Options tab on pages connected to products. There you can also connect product options to products.

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