E-mail marketing

E‑mail marketing can be one of the most effective ways to attract new customers to your website or keep in touch with existing clients. In Kentico, you can prepare and send out mass e‑mails via the Newsletters application. You can either import an external mailing list manually or allow visitors to opt-in for particular individually on your website. Additionally, you can subscribe existing users registered on your site, contactsand entire contact groups.

When using newsletters to carry out an e-mail marketing campaign, it is important to determine the overall effectiveness and optimize the issues according to the results. You can achieve this by tracking the sent e‑mails and monitoring the reactions of recipients. You can utilize several features that provide feedback and statistics about how successful your newsletters are and which actions subscribers take when reading issues:

  • E-mail tracking - measures how many newsletter issues subscribers opened and the click-through rate of any links placed into the content of the e‑mails.
  • Bounced e-mail monitoring - allows you to identify and block subscribers with invalid e‑mail addresses to which newsletter issues cannot be delivered. This makes your statistics more relevant.
  • A/B testing - allows you to create several different versions of each newsletter issue. You can then evaluate the issues based on the e-mail tracking statistics measured for a test group of subscribers. After that, you can send the most successful variant to the remainder of the subscribers.