Configuring page permissions

Permissions for access to Kentico pages can be configured at three levels of a three-level permissions hierarchy. Click the links in the Page permission level column to learn more about each of them.

Page permission level

Granted to

Applied to

Configurable in

Permissions for all content


all pages

Permissions application

Permissions for page types


all pages of one particular page type

Permissions application

Page-level permissions (ACLs)

roles or individual users

one particular page

Pages application -> Properties -> Security

Permissions from these three levels are merged together when checking if a user is permitted to perform an action with a page. For example, to read a CMS.News page, a user must have the Read permission on at least one of the three levels: either on the pages-level, or for the CMS.News page type, or for all content.

There is also one special setting that allows hiding of pages in the content tree depending on page permissions granted to the current user. See theĀ Hiding pages based on permissions for more information on this possibility.