Scheduling pages for publishing

Kentico allows you to specify when a page is published. When you edit a page on its Form tab, you can typically find the Publish from/Publish to fields at the bottom of the form: Scheduling pages for publishing

When you set the Publish from/Publish to values, the page will be displayed on the website only during the given time period.

  • If you do not set the Publish from value, the page is displayed on the live site immediately.
  • If you do not set the Publish to value, the page stays published until manually unpublished.

Scheduling pages that use workflow/versioning

If you set the Publish from/Publish to values to pages that use workflow, they still need to be approved before being published. Once approved, the page is published by a scheduled system process. The process is set to execute every minute by default. The process only publishes the page if the page already reached its Publish from time. You can check the status of this process in the Scheduled tasks application. Choose the website and search for the Content publishing task.