WebDAV browse mode

WebDAV Browse mode enables you to map the content of your website as a network drive in your operating system. Files stored by the website can be found on the drive, letting you open, edit and save the files in a client application just as if they were stored on your local drive.

To start using WebDAV Browse mode, you need to meet all requirementsand performed the necessary configuration. After that, you only need to map the network drive in the operating system. When the network drive is mapped, you can start editing website files right away.

The network drive contains the following folders:

  • attachments – contains page attachments and files stored in pages’ file fields. They can be found in folders resembling the website’s content tree structure.
  • content – contains CMS.File pages stored in folders resembling the website’s content tree structure.
  • media – contains a folder for each media library on the website, while each folder contains the actual content of the respective library.
  • groups – contains a folder for each group defined on the site, while each group folder contains the three folders mentioned above, containing only those attachments, content and media that belong to the particular group.

The media and groups folders may not be present if the Media libraries and Groups applications aren’t installed. To get a quick overview of how Browse mode editing actually works, you may refer to the Example - WebDAV browse mode editing topic.