Contact management

Kentico EMS required

Features described on this page require the Kentico EMS license.

Contact management is an on‑line marketing tool that provides a centralized overview of all users who visit your website. It allows you to gather information about visitors and the activities they perform on the website. You can use the data gathered for contacts to track campaign results, analyze client behavior, optimize content, identify potential buyers and perform various other marketing‑related actions.

The system uses the following objects to organize the contact management data:

  • Contact - a single person who visits the website and about whom information is gathered by the module.
  • Account - a company or other body where contacts operate. Individual contacts can belong to multiple accounts and an account can be a subsidiary of another account.
  • Contact role - the role which a contact has in an account. Typically a job position or a type of competence which the contact has within the account. Each contact can only have one role in an account.
  • Contact status - you can label contacts with statuses. Each contact can only have one status at a time.
  • Account status - you can label accounts with statuses. Contacts and accounts have a separate set of statuses. Each account can only have one status at a time.
  • Contact group - taxonomy units which enable you to sort contacts into groups (segments). You can either add contacts to groups manually, or have the system populate groups automatically based on dynamically evaluated conditions.