Configuring forms

The Forms application enables content editors to create and publish on-line forms. Forms can be used to gather structured data from website users. A typical example of such a form is the Contact Us form, which can be found on the Company page of the sample Corporate Site.

In this chapter, you can learn how to configure forms so that content editors can use them on the site. Specifically, you can learn about:

Forms were previously known as BizForms and sometimes are also referred to as On-line forms. However, do not mistake them for Alternative forms, which are used as alternative representations of existing forms and tables.

Each form has its own separate database table where submitted data is stored. The submitted data can be viewed and managed in the Forms application, where the administration interface of the Forms module is located.

Specifying form object type

If you need to specify a form object type—in a web part, for example—use the following naming convention:

BizformItem.Bizform.<code name>

For example, a form with code name ContactUswould have an object type in the following format: