Integrating SharePoint

Kentico allows you to access data stored on a SharePoint server (Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013/Online), and display it on your website. You can achieve this by configuring a SharePoint integration connection, and placing the SharePoint web part, in combination with another web part displaying the content, into a selected page.

Configuring SharePoint integration settings further describes the system’s configuration options for SharePoint integration.

Example - Displaying a SharePoint picture library in Kentico provides a step-by-step description of how you can display a picture library stored on a SharePoint server on a Kentico website.

What you can do

  • Get lists and list item data from SharePoint and display it in Kentico.
  • Download documents and images.

What you cannot do

  • Modify SharePoint data.

How SharePoint integration works

The system uses the SharePoint data source web part to retrieve the requested SharePoint data, and displays the data on the page through another web part, e.g. the Basic repeater web part.

The SharePoint data source web part loads the data based on:

  • specified SharePoint server connection


  • specified data retrieval mode.