Configuring the application dashboard

The application dashboard allows users to quickly access their favorite and most frequently used applications.

  • Users can individually adjust the applications they see on the dashboard.
  • Administrators can change what users in a role can see on the dashboard by default.

Application dashboard

To change which applications users in particular roles have on their dashboard, assign roles, and configure the dashboard settings of the roles:

  1. Open the Roles application.
  2. Select the Site containing the role or the (global) option.
  3. Edit () the role.
  4. Open the Dashboard tab.
  5. Add or remove the applications assigned to the role.

The assigned applications appear on the dashboard of all users who belong to the given role. For users with multiple roles, the dashboard displays a combination of all applications assigned to the given roles. The system automatically filters the application dashboard for each role based on permissions and UI personalization settings.

The Welcome to Kentico tile helps first-time users navigate in the Kentico interface. If you close this tile, you can set it to appear again for individual users:

  1. Open the Users application.
  2. Edit () a user.
  3. Open the Settings tab.
  4. Select the Show welcome tile check-box.

The system displays this tile for the chosen user on the Dashboard.

Tip: You can adjust the application dashboard of the default administrator account through the CMS Global Administrator global role. The role does not grant any permissions, its only purpose is to define the content of the application dashboard for the default global administrator.

How are applications defined in the system?

The system uses UI elements to represent applications.

You can view the tree of elements that define the system’s user interface in Modules -> edit a module -> User interface. To find the UI elements of applications, open the CMS -> Administration section of the tree and expand individual category elements.

Elements of the user interface

Global applications

Some of the UI elements representing applications have the Is global application flag enabled. Global applications can affect the entire system, and are only accessible by users with the Global administrator privilege level. Other users cannot see global applications, even if you assign them to the dashboard for the user’s roles.